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We act quickly, without intermediaries or hidden costs. We guarantee professionalism confirmed by 20 years of experience in the industry. Professionalism, knowledge, competence and reliability are the qualities that set us apart from the competition. When you work with us, you get guarantees and security.

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Do you want to work legally in Poland? Or are you already working and want to extend your stay? Not sure where to start? What documents to prepare? Which Polish office to report to?

We will do it for you!

With us you will quickly, safely, without intermediaries and hidden costs, obtain the appropriate documents, authorizing you to work in Poland.

How to fill out PIT?
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Feel free to use our guide on filling out PIT forms!

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When is the deadline for filing PIT?

You can submit your declarations until April 30, 2024

Legalization Services

Services Take advantage of our services, without intermediaries and additional costs. We will quickly and safely produce the appropriate documents, authorizing you to work in Poland.

Counsultaion on the rules of stay in Poland

A service aimed at foreigners seeking consultation on legal residence, work and business. It includes assistance in completing applications for residence permits.

400 PLN

Concierge service

A service aimed at foreigners who want to stay in Poland – assistance in booking accommodation and transportation in Poland from the place of arrival in Poland (airport, train station) to the target place of accommodation.

600 PLN

Change of decision on temporary residence

The service is addressed to foreigners who already have a valid temporary residence permit in Poland, but thay need to change this based of current polish law 

1000 PLN

*administration fees is not included in the cos of the service

Legalization of stay
(temporary residence card)

The service is addressed to foreigners who want to stay in Poland longer than on the basis of a visa or visa-free regime.

1 500 PLN

*administration fees is not included in the cos of the service

Citizenship/EU Resident

The service is asdressed to foreigners who want to stay in Poland permanently.

2 500 PLN

*administration fees is not included in the cos of the service

Feedback from our customers

Алла Шевченка
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Я задоволений рівнем надання послуг компанії! Усі формальності, пов’язані з легалізацією роботи в Польщі, вирішили дуже швидко і без додаткових проблем.
Броніслав Мороз
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Отримав повну підтримку в оформленні необхідних документів! Рекомендую цей сервіс!
Володимир Tkachuk
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Замовивши послугу, я швидко отримав необхідні документи для легальної роботи в Польщі. Щиро рекомендую!
Ігор Петренко
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Рекомендую сервіс і компанію ! Швидко отримав необхідні документи!

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Frequently Asked Questions.
Below are the most frequently asked questions about the services we provide

All citizens of Ukraine legally residing on the territory of Poland should work based of a notification, which the employer is obliged to report through the portal within 14 days from the date of start of work by a citizen of Ukraine.

Change of decision is possible in specific cases established by law (change of employer is one of such case). In the case of a change of employer, you must submit the application with the admnistrative fee within 15 days from the date of the change of employer. If the 15 days have passed you must submit a new application for a temporary residence and work. Remember, in order to take up legal employment you should obtain a document legalizing your work, i.e.: work permit type A, statement of intention to entrust work to a foreigner or notification for citizens of Ukraine.

The decision for citizens of Ukraine in connection with the introduction of the Law of March 12, 2022 on Assistance to citizens of Ukraine in Connection with the armed conflict on the territory of Ukraine is issued without entering the current employer. In practice, this means that you can work on the basis of the granted permit with another employer than the original one, you only need to submit a statement on the change of working conditions and a new notification for citizens of Ukraine.

f you are a citizen of the European Union who wants to stay in Poland for more than 3 months you need to registration as a citizen of the European Union to the relevant voivodship office according to your current place of stay. The application is free of cost and the decision you should get within 30 days. Remember to attach to the application the reason why you need to stay in Poland longer than 3 months, for example (employer’s statement or running your own business). The certificate is issued indefinitely.

Note if you do not make the above information in time your stay will be considered illegal.

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