1500 PLN


Do you live in Poland and you want stay longer ? You have the opportunity to do without leaving the country – Do you know how ? Apply even on the last day of your legal stay for a single temporary residence permit. WHAT WE DO? We suport citizens of various nationalities in successfully obtaining a temporary residence permit. Behalf of the foreigner, our experts handle the entire proces of legal stay in Poland, in particular:
  • we assist in filling in the residence application;
  • we enrol the foreigner to the queue for the submission of documents and on the appointed day we assist in their submission;
  • we receive correspondence during the ongoing proceedings, reply to all; letters and solve problems that arise during the ongoing proceedings;
  • we complete missing documents;
  • consults the foreigner on the steps to be taken in relation to the case.
RESIDENCE CARD- HOW TO GET? The application should be submitted in person or through the Polish Post to the Provincial Office competent for the current place of residence, during the period of legal residence in Poland.. In order to receive a positive decision, the foreigner must demonstrate that he/she has a source of stable and regular income sufficient to cover his/her and his/her family members’ means of subsistence, a place of residence, insurance, and, if he/she wishes to remain in Poland on the basis of employment, the employer must also demonstrate its willingness to employ the foreigner under appropriate conditions. The waiting period for a positive decision can vary from 3 to 8 months. WHAT BENEFITS ?
  • Residence status after putting the application
Once the application has been submitted and all the required documents have been completed, a stamp is affixed to the passport confirming the submission of the application. From the date of application, your stay is considered legal until the date of the final decision. It is worth remembering that the stamping does not allow you to travel to EU countries, but you can always travel to your country of origin, but you should obtain a visa in order to be able to return.
  • Residence card
During the period of validity your TRC card along with a travel document you can cross the border without having visa and travel to any Schengen country. Do you have any questions? Get in touch – we will get back to you as soon as possible.